Thursday, August 26, 2010

The sewing machine is smoking!

I have been busy cranking out new designs the past few days, hence the lack of posting. Well like you all know how good I am at that anyhow right? ;) Ok So a LOT is about to happen. First I was offered a huge opportunity by a friend of mine to exclusively carry my line in her new boutique set to open by October. (fingers crossed!) And it just gets super better! She also wants me to design a line for her new label! Oh can u say double whammy? Oh but the good kind of whammy. ahahaha

So now the pressure is on, boy do I feel the heat. And yes here in Woodland hills right now that is quite literal. Its been over 105 all week. Ick. So now I am scrambling ideas in my brain trying to figure out what to make for the store and hoping my stuff will be "good enough". Also praying that I (we) will make money because we both are practically throwing it on the line to follow our dreams in doing this. Well, I guess there's no better way is there?

So tomorrow I am heading to the garment district to snag some supplies and get to designing! Ive got tons of ideas and I cant wait to get this party started!

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