Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Burnt out

Well today I decided I would go to ikea and by a drawer and a top for one of the racks I found at the thrift a while back which was missing these. So of course I got there and debated and finally I thought I could get more space if I stacked the racks so I decided to just buy a whole new one. Somehow I thought I would still have two floor level racks and a little counter space but I'm bad at math because I only have 5 racks. Well anyway heres what it looks like now that is half organized.

I spent about 4 hours in there and got 90 percent of my fabric organized. I am so tired I can barely write this post. I had fabric that I forgot about, fabric I didn't want anymore, and fabric that I spent a crapload of wasted time looking for.
Well the good things that came out of this are:

1. I have a huge stack of fabric I can sell on ebay (more money for new stuff :) )
2. I realized I have enough fabric to keep me busy with projects for at least three months (so I really shouldn't buy more)
3. I really do realize I shouldnt buy anymore fabric until I get through some of what I have.
4. I MUST keep on top of this because it is so time consuming to look through piles of stuff.

Here is a pic of my other fabric "bin" and it is now almost empty compared to before:
Its hard to tell but believe me it is half empty. Everything was so crammed before because I just kept buying more stuff and putting it here since it was next to my cutting board.

I still have to figure out what to do with the clothes I have for recons and the two big tubs of scraps I have here:

I also have a tub of chrstmas fabric (i'll likely sell)

Here is the angle from the other side of the room
The two boxes are pattern. One is vintage the other modern. I plan to get some of those plastic drawer carts like at Target to store them in. I'm so sick of the boxes they have like that for years.

I also have four containers with all my trims in them. I think it will be nice to get another set of drawers for those and separate by type and color. Because again, I am constantly digging to find what I need.
Well the next two days I'll be off for the most part. I have to help my family with a few things so It will be amazing if I get any work done. I hate that feeling, but at the same time I was telling my best friend It must mean you love what you do if you cant stand NOT to do it for more than a day. :)


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KB said...

I can relate. It's tough not to acquire new stuff when you know that some day it'll be the PERFECT fabric for some future project. When that day comes it makes the hoarding worth it.

Bonzie Designs said...

This fabric explosion looks very familiar!!!

great job on the tidy up.

Scarlet Fields said...

I just recently spent days cleaning out my work space-it's better; but I don't think it will ever pass the "white glove" test. Thanks for sharing, I love seeing other creative spaces. Happy hunting for new "stuff" Scarlet