Monday, April 16, 2007

Creative Block....UGGGHHHH

So I made this really cute top tonight. Took me longer than I wanted and I had to change the design also. Ok sorry the photo isn't that great, but its 11:30 and my brain is mentally shot. So if you can tell this is a halter style top which I used some really cool vintage fabric that I thrifted a while back. I searched through my patterns for about 20 min and couldn't find any that would work so I improvised. Something that Im still figuring out. I originally planned to make this a one shoulder top with the fabric gathering up at the shoulder and then crossing at the back but I screwed up the cutting and unless I really wanted cleavage showing it wasnt working. So I ended up with this version which isnt to bad either. I am a little dissapointed and of course dont have enough fabric to try again, but I cant totally kick myself, even though this version isnt perfect its still pretty good for a beggining designer. This fabric is realy cool too. It looks shiny, but its actually got some texture to it sort of soft like spongy if that makes sense. Well comments are appreciated as usual.

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