Thursday, October 6, 2011

The 80s rock!

I just finished this really cool project for a client. Shes going to an 80s party and requested two NKOTB pieces. I did this really soft and sort of slinky square blouse with a wide neckline. I left the edges raw and serged them with hot pink thread. My idea behind it is sort of teen bop magazine. You remember as a girl you would cut out the pictures of your teen hearthrob and collage them all over the wall? I just love how it came out!

I also did a custom clutch witha brooch made from hand dyed croched lace. I used this florescent pink and black stripe for the lining, and gave it a keyfob strap.

You can find my items in my etsy shop, just click the link at the left. You can email me to request a custom item as well!!

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