Thursday, June 16, 2011

Remember film?

Film, you know you used to go buy it at the drugstore and put it in a camera, take pictures and then go back to the drug store and get it developed. I miss those days. The thrill of anticipation when you waited for those few days (how many was it 3, 5?) to get your photos back. You looked through each one carefully and recalled the memory of each moment. Now our lives are so filled with technology we barley remember what its like to hold a "camera" in our hand.

But film is not dead I assure you. I love anything vintage, and I have 3 old Kodaks and the other day I picked up two more. These are 126 format. I know I didnt need them both but they were $3 each. I actually talked the seller down from $5. :)
Well, apparently Im a day late and dollar short just like usual. I found out that the only place that was offering film online has exhausted its supply almost a year ago. Say La Vie. So now I am left scouring ebay hoping to get even one roll for less than $20. Outrageous. But I found a you tube video that shows you how to load 35mm film into the 126 cartridge. And actually I found out that 35mm and 126 are the same film. 126 just doesnt have the perforations in it. So if you load the 35mm in the camera you get those negative markings on your prints like this

Im just waiting for the right moment to snatch up some film at a cheap price on ebay or find an empty cassette at least so i can use 35. I have been dying to try out my skills. And then anxiously await my prints ;)

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