Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exploring through the lens....

I know, I know, this blog has of late turned into a photography blog hasn't it? I havn't been sewing the last few days and its high time I got back to it but I have been exploring my newfound joy that is lo-fi cameras. I have also been trying to catch up on the mounds of ebay listings that are well, mounding up. lol I think I should sew more because I spend half the time listing and the other half searching for more camera stuff to buy and I really cant afford to spend any more but its just so dang fun to get those packages in the mail!

I got this roll of expired film last week for my Brownie Super 27. Expired Jan 1959! 52 yrs ago!!

I will be amazed if I get anything off of it, and if I manage to develop it at that. Because it is c-22 process after all so I will c what comes of that experiment. I have been reading up on developing my own negatives and Im ready to go for it! I bought a lot of old stuff on ebay today for $15 that included a Nikor developer can and one reel which is worth more than that alone. There is also some old developing powders in there so Im hoping I can find a use for those. I think they should still be good. Heck if people can get images off of 50 yr old film, then the developer should still be good too!

I took some shots with my cameras today. The sky was amazing at about noon today with those partial clouds and blue sky with a contrast between the two. Darn I didnt catch it on digital but I took some shots with my Diana, Holga and my 126. Also went to the park and shot. I already know Im going to burn through tons of film which is why Im gonna develop my own negs. heres one double exposure I tried with both cameras and my digital. I edited this as the first verson on retro setting was way washed out. you can see both in my flickr stream:

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