Friday, September 24, 2010

New Design! Its so Retro Rad!

Wow! Day three and here I am posting again. So dont expect a post tomorrow ok? hahaha. I finished this new bag design today, and man did it take me a good chunk of time! But I am so super excited about the end result! So I decided to enlarge the design so it would be big enough for my laptop which, BTW desperately needs a new bag. I started on that after dinner, and then I had to struggle again with the pattern once I though I had just gotten it all down! It was tricky because of the pleats, they have to be just the right size and in a certain spot on the curve in order for the piece to turn out square once its sewn together with the bottom part. I think the top flap is a little long, so I plan to shorten it a bit.

I just love love how the fabrics look together! Its a vintage rainbow brite sheet along with some brand new quilted fabric I found for $2 at the thrift! I got about two yards of it. Plenty to make more bags with. I think I'll do 2 more of the RB. And then I plan to do a couple each in some of my other vintage sheet prints. Holly Hobbie will be really cute! If I weren't so tired I'd go get started right now!

Oh and I got another thing for my to do list: sewing room organization!

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