Saturday, August 21, 2010

Improvment takes time and a little innovation...

So I have been on etsy about 5 years now. Now granted I have been more of a "hobby" seller by most standards, I have had a good chunk of sales. But not nearly what I'd like to have had considering how many items I have relisted over the last 5 years. Well it is really difficult to do all this self marketing on your own so I wont beat myself up too much over it. I do consider myself very lucky to have even had sales and TONS of hits. I know my items are worthy of going to new homes but why are they still in my store??

Well I know for starters the pictures are a huge part of it. So one thing I did yesterday was build this makeshift white box. It worked out ok for my pouches and wristlets although I still wasn't totally happy with the quality of the photos, but a BIG improvement over some of the pics I had. Here's an example:

So now my store is halfway to being revamped. I edited most of the pouches and I even rearranged my store by color and I think that is a big improvement in itself. It took about 7 hours of work total including the new photography and editing the pics. But Im so happy with the overall result. Now I plan to head to the beach with the rest of my bags and dresses to take live photos of those.
When you get a minute, stop by the shop and tell me what you think!


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