Sunday, June 3, 2007

The perfect Bathing Suit

So I went to Long Beach for a few days and visited my best friend, and as usual we spent two days hitting the thrifts and the swap. There wasnt enough time. I wish I lived there. I find the best stuff everytime I visit. So at the very last store when I was about ready to pass out, there it was this awesome Vintage bathing suit and in my favorite color none the less. How can life get any more perfect? It was EXACTLY MY SIZE. And just the kind of one piece I have been searching for. It makes me look like I've got cleavage due to the padded top and the mock skirt over boy shorts hides my not so great looking tummy. They just don't make them like this anymore. Or if they do they aren't selling them at Macy's and Im avoiding being a consumer anyhow right? Well I am definately going to be tring my hand at sewing in lycra now so I can recreate this beauty. The back drops low enough to make it sort of "housewife sexy" if that makes any sense. You know they say less is more. And the very BEST part? (like finding it wasnt enough) It only cost $2.

Along with the suit, I also found an awesome Vintage dress at one of the cool shops on 4th streets reto row. If you ever get out to long beach I highly suggest you hit this strip. There are some awesome vintage finds and although most of the stores are a bit pricey ( i know they are trying to make a buck) this store was packed to the gills with stuff and I snagged this dress for a mere $18. Which if you know me is actually a LOT to pay for an item, but I had to have it and it beat the $50 tags of likely similar ones at neighbor stores.

Some other nice finds were a bag full of zippers for $6 and a couple of vintage sheets that I hope to turn in to really cool skirts. Stay tuned for more...


Keasty said...

Thanks Bitchtress. I enjoyed checking out your thrift items. When next in CA we'll head that direction. My bride is a great sewer.

Anonymous said...

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